GU-702 USB GPRS Modem

GlobalSat's GU702 USB GPRS Modem is ideal for Notebook or PDA connection to the GSM Mobile Phone Network as provided by Telstra, Optus etc. Designed for that all important data or document to be sent immediately back to the office or client.



For Fleet management, AVL, Tracking System, and Mapping devices.

Standard Package includes:

  • GU-702 GPRS Modem

  • CD with Manual and Driver

Additional Options:

  • None


Model: GU-702


  • Tri-band EGSM 900 and DCS 1800/1900.

  • GPRS class B, multi-slot class 10.

  • Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+.

  • Operating system : Windows 98/Me/2000/XP.

  • Dialer software for Voice and SMS two-way Communication.

  • External headset for audio input/output.

  • LED indicator for GSM/GPRS operating status.

  • USB Interface.



Frequency bands Tri-band EGSM 900 and DCS 1800/1900

Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+

GPRS connectivity GPRS multi-slot class 10

GPRS mobile station class B

Short message service Point-to-point MO and MT

(SMS) SMS cell broadcast

    Text and PDU mode

DATA Coding schemes: CS-1 to CS-4

    Circuit Switched

    Data (CSD) up to 14.4kbps Packed Data (GPRS class B, class 10)up to 85.6kbps

Voice Half rate, Full rate, Enhanced full rate

Transmit power Class 4(2W) at EGSM 900

  Class 1(1W) at DCS 1800

Interface USB V1.1

Power supply: 5V

Support 3V SIM card

External headset for audio input/output

LED Indication Red: Ready LED Green: TX/RX LED

Operation system Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +55°C

Dimension 81mm X 44mm X 21mm





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