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GPS-600-LB Antenna

NovAtel's GPS-600-LB™ is a lightweight antenna designed to take advantage of GPS+ technology with the OmniSTAR L-band and GPS L1 and L2 frequencies.






NovAtel’s GPS-600-LB antenna is designed for the GPS L1 (1575.42 MHz), the GPS L2 (1227.60 MHz), and the OmniSTAR L-band (1520 - 1565 MHz) frequencies. Optimized to receive right-hand, circularly polarized signals, its radiation pattern is shaped to ensure high quality signal reception from OmniSTAR and other geostationary satellites. With a sealed radome to protect against severe weather and hostile environments, the GPS-600-LB is ideal for precision agriculture, marine, and mobile applications. In addition, the GPS-600-LB features an integral ground plane to reduce the effects of multipath.



* Provides access to the decimeter-level accuracy offered by the L-band receiver technology of the ProPak-LB™

* Offers flexibility in site selection and inclination, tracking satellites up to 15° below the horizon

* Built with a rugged housing suitable for extreme environments and high vibration applications



* Compact and lightweight for high portability

* Single TNC connector for both input power and output RF signal

* Excellent reception of low elevation satellites

* Superb L-band coverage with a negligible bit error rate

* Wide operational temperature range



* GPS-C006 5 meter antenna RF cable with TNC male connectors (optional)

* GPS-C016 15 meter antenna RF cable with TNC male connectors (optional)

* GPS-C032 30 meter, low-loss antenna RF cable with TNC male connectors (optional)

* RF adapter cable with TNC female and right-angle MMCX male connectors (optional)