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EM401 GPS Engine Board with Active Antenna

GlobalSat's EM401 is the best choice for superior GPS applications: The GPS engine board is ideal for OEM/ODM System integration. With high reliability and accuracy, the engine board is a superior GPS module for enabling value-added function of GPS.





1. Within SiRF Star II/LP Low Power and high performance 12 channels GPS chipset.

2. Build-in active Antenna.

3. SingleSat updates in reduced visibility.

4. Superior urban canyon performance.

5. FoliageLock for weak signal tracking.

6. Build-in optional SuperCap to reserve system data for rapid satellite acquisition.

7. Support standard NMEA 0183 and SiRF binary protocol.

8. Real-time Differential correction by WAAS enable.

9. Advanced Trickle Power mode for power saving.

10. Serial port, output Level on TTL or RS-232 Level.


Output Messages NMEA0183 V2.2 protocol, and supports command: GGA,GSA,GSV,RMC,GLL,VTG

Hot Start 8 sec.,average

Warm start 38 sec.,average

Cold Start 45 sec., average

Acceleration Limit < 4g

Altitude Limit 18,000m(60000 feet)Max

Re-acquisition 100ms

Velocity Limit 515meters/sec(1000 knots)Max

Jerk Limit 20 m/sec**3

Horizontal Accuracy 15m 2d RMS without SA

  5m 2d RMS WAAS enabled

Velocity Accuracy 0.1m/sec 95%(SA off )

Velocity Accuracy 0.1m/sec 95%(SA off )

Datum WGS84

Dimension 41mm* 41mm* 13mm

Power consumption 80mA typical, trickle power mode 27mA

Storage Temperature -40°C~85°C

Operation Temperature -40°C~80°C

Humidity Up to 95% non-Condensing